Glow by Bel

Glow by Bel is a small, Sydney-based mobile spray tanning and teeth whitening service that also supplies at-home teeth whitening kits.


I worked on the creation of this brand identity as the Digital Designer for CR8 Merchandise. Approaching this brief from the viewpoint of a merchandise company, designing a logo that would shine on various products and garments was important in this brief. 

Equally important was creating a logo that the client could easily utilize on her website and social media accounts, which she personally maintains.


Logo Creation

The main jumping off point for this logo was the signature rose gold colour. An abstract, graphic approach, in the form of the a 'sun' in this colour keeps the logo from being solely typographic. Not having an highly specific illustrated logo was the approach favoured by the client. This was mainly to ensure the logo's longevity should the business expand to include more services in the future.

As seen in the above Brand Guidelines, the logo has one lock up in five different styles. This was to allow for ease of use by Bel, who is not a designer, but does manage the visual identity of her brand.

Asset 17.png