Safety Products Online

Safety Products Online is an online e-commerce platform that simplifies the process of acquiring certified, high quality Personal Protective Equipment and apparel.


As the Digital Designer at CR8 Merchandise, I was tasked in early 2020 with the creation of the SPO's identity and website design, as well as the population and ongoing management. I was also responsible for maintaining the brands Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Logo Creation

Typographic Treatment

The SPO logo is mainly typographic, and includes a double triangle icon. The use of a bright orange as a contrasting colour, alongside the stripes on the triangle, reference the bright colours and reflective tape found on hi-vis safety wear.

3 Lock ups of the logo allows for flexibility of the brand in a digital space, as well as options should SPO branch out into the creation of custom PPE in the future.

As a brand under the CR8 Merchandise banner, Safety Products Online required an identity that would reflect this connection, while also being able to stand alone. Another necessity of the brief was working within the design constraints of the GoDaddy Ecommerce platform. One of the main constraints being a limited number of typefaces.

CR8 Merchandise primarily uses variation of the Futura font family, while SPO uses League Spartan as a display and heading font. League Spartan is a Google font that is based on 20th century geometric sans serifs, like Futura.

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